A Message from Mary Ellen Isaacs, Ph.D., Director of Literacy First

Dear Friends of Literacy First, 

I am writing to share with you that I will be retiring as Director of Literacy First effective March 2022, and to express my deep gratitude to all those who have been a part of this incredible journey. 

When I think back on my 25 years with Literacy First, I cannot imagine a more fulfilling or wonderful career. I’ve been able to work with amazing students, with dedicated teachers and school staff, with our fabulous AmeriCorps members, and with our impressive Literacy First staff. And together, with the support and investment of our community, we have had a tremendous impact, not only in the lives of the children and the tutors that we work with, but in our own lives as well.  

I am truly excited about the future of Literacy First, as we build on a foundation of strength and a wealth of experience. Looking forward, we see that the need for early literacy intervention is only increasing. I know that with our expanding capacity and new ways of growing with districts, Literacy First is capable of doubling our impact and reaching twice as many students in the next five years.  

I first started with Literacy First in 1997, and the growth and change I have witnessed in this organization since then is truly remarkable. I now look forward to bearing witness alongside each of you to the next 25 years, as a steadfast supporter of Literacy First. 

Thank you, 

Mary Ellen Isaacs