Professional Development Resources

Procrastination and the Meaning of Time (up to 8 hours) 
This module explores the challenges we all face with taking immediate action and organizing our time efficiently.

Teaching: The Ultimate Balancing Act (up to 5 hours)
This module is intended for prospective teachers who want to better understand the teaching profession.

Teaching Students to Read with Fluency (up to 10 hours)
This module summarizes a large corpus of research related to teaching students to read with greater fluency and expression.

Bilingual Education in the United States: Past, Present, and Future (up to 8 hours)
This module explores issues related to bilingual education in this country, and encourages tutors to reflect on their experiences in linguistically diverse schools.

The Cuban Literacy Project (up to 8 hours)
This module reviews a national initiative in Cuba to promote literacy for all children and compares those efforts to the Literacy First/ AmeriCorps program.

Learning to Learn:  How Our Brains Learn New Information and What Makes it Stick (up to 5 hours)
This module examines the fundamental concepts behind how your brain learns something new, as well as addresses the key barriers to learning and engagement that our students face every day.

Why Do We Serve?  A Civic Reflection Module (up to 3 hours)
This module is intended to help current AmeriCorps members reflect on the importance of Community and National Service.

Interview Reflection Module (up to 3 hours)
Interview a loved one with the StoryCorps App about their connection to reading, education, or service. This module is intended to be completed over a holiday break or during a family visit, but could also be completed with a friend!

Life After AmeriCorps Module (up to 25 hours)
This module helps members reflect on their service term and prepare for their next steps after their term is over.