Spotlight on Monica Ortiz: Living Her Life’s Mission through Literacy First  

Monica, our AmeriCorps Coach Manager, recently celebrated her
10-year anniversary as a staff member. In honor of this milestone, we sat down with her to learn more about who she is, her career journey, and the role Literacy First has played in her life over the past decade. Find out how Monica’s decision to serve through AmeriCorps with Literacy First transformed her life path.

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What I Learned from My Kinder Friends

Throughout my service year, I tutored eight kindergarten friends. My experience teaching my youngest students taught me a lot, from learning how to manage behavior to how quickly children develop. I want to share what I learned from each of these students that I supported throughout the year. 

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Breathing with Ferdinand

A heartwarming story from Literacy First tutor Isabelle explaining how she’s using The Story of Ferdinand and a stuffed replica of the children’s book character to help her students breathe through a challenging year.

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